Are you ready to make the leap?

Making the leap to be an entrepreneur was a big leap for me and I have a feeling it is why you are reading this as well. It was probably the hardest decision to make. Leave a steady paycheck and take the risk the unknown. That income steady stream is what kept me tied to a job and keeps a lot of good people from taking action; from taking their great ideas and setting out on their own. I was in that same place. I have always just worked for a company. It was what was expected; go to school, get a job, move up the corporate ladder. I was content with that for a while, then started to realize that I was running in a rat race and not getting out there and chasing my dreams.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I needed that corporate job in my life. It was a steady point during my divorce, keeping me on my feet. It was where I made great friendships and learned a lot about business. It was also where I gained a lot of expertise in developing and launching products. But I reached a point where my talents weren’t being appreciated or rewarded. And to make matters worse, the company I was working for was purchased and there came more uncertainty in my “steady” job. My frustrations and fear pushed me forward. I need to be the best person I can be, for myself and my son. What pushes you forward?

There are many ways to take the leap: head first, wade in the water, or dip a toe in. Any way you choose…just get out there and do it! It is the best feeling, knowing that your knowledge or product can help others. Let’s start with dipping a toe in. This is where you hold on to your job while exploring your options in the entrepreneurial world. This is good as you think through and develop your idea. It’s also great to get Module 1 and 2 complete so you feel more secure about your decision. Next, you will wade in the water. This is where you will start to make the financial leap by investing in your idea on the side, while still keeping your day job. You will find yourself wanting to spend more and more time with your idea and your business. Your nights and weekends become filled with learning, developing and growing your business…and it never feels like work! It is what you want to do and do more of. The feeling is kind of exhilarating and addicting! You can stay wading in the water as long as you want. It is a place of measured risk with stability. This is a great place to be until you can dedicate your full time to your business. It is also where you can build your income and financials to feel comfortable before walking away. Being a single parent, this was the best option for me.

The last way to make the leap is to dive in head first. This is the scariest option for many. There is a lot that goes into starting and running your business, so you need to be sure that you are ready for the full dedication of yourself and your finances before you jump in. Passion and drive keep you going. It can also come from a place of needing and wanting change – in any part of your life. Passion can only get you so far, you will also need a sound strategy with contingency plans, a network of people to give advice and help, and a playbook of steps to follow for success.

Taking the leap is exciting! Do you want to run in a rat race forever or get out and chase your dreams?