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Why do so many in the product development space turn to The Product Gurus?

Because we have the experience, contacts and specialized knowledge necessary to make your product attractive to the markets that matter to your bottom line.


With more than 35 years of combined product development experience, The Product Gurus have seen (and done!) it all in this highly specialized space.  The biggest barrier to getting your product to market is a lack of knowledge of how the process works and which influencers you need to connect with.

The Product Gurus break down those barriers, giving you a leg up much quicker than going it alone. That means by making a small investment in the proven system of the Product Gurus you will save yourself the time and aggravation common when trying to navigate on your own. That investment will also help you get to market sooner, which enables you to start making money much, much quicker!

Specialized Knowledge

The Product Gurus will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to bring your product to market. By steering clear of the pitfalls common in the development process, you will get to market sooner. That can translate into dollars in your pocket much sooner than if you tried to navigate the process by yourself.

We also provide insight on some of the most common mistakes inventors, entrepreneurs and product developers make. We are confident this one service alone will save you big dollars by helping you avoid unneeded and unwanted costs in the product development process.


The Product Gurus have been around the block in launching million dollar products on home shopping networks, on online outlets like Amazon.com and in brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target. In working with such a wide range of clients, they have assembled the type of rolodex that few can offer. Instead of you cold-calling hoping to get someone to listen to you, the Product Gurus can pick up the phone and get you in front of the right audience, right away.

What People Are Saying

Eric Forti


I’ve worked with Linda and Christina for a long time and I’m happy to personally vouch for their high level of professionalism raw talent and product development instincts; these ladies have got their acts together!

David & Carol Ertur

Avaden Products

The Product Gurus possess a broad and deep range of experience, skill sets, and a network from which anyone seeking help in product development or sales would easily benefit. From strategy to execution, the Guru’s have what it takes to get it done right. A pleasure to work with!

Why Wait?

Allow the Product Gurus to help you move from idea to market acceptance more efficiently and effectively. By making a small investment up front in the proven system of the Product Gurus, you can greatly reduce the time to market … and reap the benefits sooner!

Christina Kalsan


Christina is a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional that takes her 20 years of experience in technology and consumer packaged goods and brings them to entrepreneurs that need help.  Christina’s role takes a finished product and gets it in front of customers like Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and more.  She has a proven success rate for closing deals and delivering results, with hundreds of items brought to market.  Beyond getting it “sold in” there are many strategic steps needed to ensure success.

Linda Persaud


Linda is a seasoned New Product Development and Innovation professional that takes her 15 years of experience in home products and consumer packaged goods and brings them to entrepreneurs that need help.  Linda’s role starts with the idea and ends with the final product.  She has brought hundreds of products from an idea to fruition in her tenure with various organizations. Beyond bringing new products to life, strategy and focus are needed to ensure success.

Are you ready to change your future?

  • Developed and launched hundreds of products

  • Pitched thousands of times to Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Over 35 years of corporate knowledge to help you, the entrepreneurs

  • Break down the product creation process in an easy step by step format

  • Help you gain the knowledge and confidence to go from thinking to doing

  • Take the next step to turn your side hustle into a business

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